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Bring your remote team closer.

Work hour and time zone management for distributed teams.

These amazing companies are using Spacetime

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    Slack integration

    Spacetime's Slack bot helps your team keep track of time across countries and continents.

  • Flexible schedules
    – visualised

    Spacetime makes it super easy to inform your teammates when you're hacking, and when you’re catching those gnarly waves.

  • ☁️☀️🌙❄️🌤

    Empathy through context

    Emoji next to your name lets your team know whether it's raining or a beautiful day.

Straightforward Pricing

No long-term contracts. No complex billing. Just straightforward pricing.


Per user, per month

Basic Tier
Pro Tier
UsersUp to 250Unlimited
Team Managers1Unlimited
Non-Slack/Restricted UsersNoYes
Group by TeamNoYes
Daily SchedulesNoYes
Auto StatusOnly WeatherYes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do you support all timezones?

    Yes! Spacetime works in every country and timezone; this is a tool built for distributed and local teams alike.
  • What if I work in shifts?

    Spacetime supports multiple schedule blocks, so you can make sure your schedule reflects the way you truly work.
  • Can I set different schedules for each day?

    Yes! Our Pro plan allows you to set a 7-day work schedule; check out our pricing page for more details.
  • Will Spacetime work for my team?

    If your team uses Slack, yes! Spacetime works with any Slack team, and the Pro version gives you the ability to invite non-Slack users, too.
  • How does Pro pricing work?

    Pricing is per user, per month with a minimum of 5 users (Spacetime is better with teammates). Adding users will increase your monthly bill, removing users will decrease your monthly bill.
  • What is Spacetime’s cancellation policy?

    We have a “no hassle” cancellation policy: you can cancel or downgrade at any time right within your settings page, without contacting us.
  • What if we don’t use Slack?

    Currently, at least some of your team must use Slack to create a team account.
  • Does this work for big teams?

    Yes! Whether you have 5 or 50,000 employees, you’ll find us a valuable companion. Spacetime is especially useful for coordinating meetings and work hours at large companies.